Harvesting time

Summer has turned into autumn and after a hectic and sweaty period it is time to get back to indoor life. That can also be called computer centered life if the weather is not going to treat us Finns well if earlier experience is to be trusted. Could be that this project “motherhood” is also to be blamed if outdoor activity won´t hit a record. Anyway, this is a new become of my virtual appearance for you close here and more further away to follow what´s up.

We had this sack plantation close to the cit center on this half abandoned land in Kalasatama. Urban management dream blog has some great photos of the project. Two weekends ago it was time for us to do harvesting there. We have been shamefully busy not to take better care of our sacks but somehow the nature and the summer had treated them well (also big thanks to gardening neighbors there for watering). The soil still has an overload of nutrients in it from the proportional biodegradation of sewage water resulting something jungle like tomato plants and beetroots.

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Such a great spot and hobby. I know, getting old and middle age raises its head..posting pictures of flowers  and getting siked about storing the summer in jars. Who cares, we have a freezer packed with spinach and parsley!


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